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Codel industrial and informatics engineering idea is constructing and producing the systems based on contemporary informatics, communication and automatization solutions, as well as creating specific software modules intended to control various electronic devices and make them the integral elements of the system.

AIDA is unique system that integrates industrial machines, production process and data transmittion with ERP system like SAP or other. Aida concept is based on group of small, independent and interconnected modules that are design to manage different part of industrial procesess like communications, data transmission, system monitoring, machine control and other.

Architecture based on multiple independed modules provide AIDA aplication to be easily modified and upgraded to meet costumer requirements. AIDA aplication is designed to provide solution that is based on detailed and full process analysis which results in definnig optimal tehnical, tehnological and communication requirements integrated to provide fully functional tool.

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Codel offers its clients full ” end to end ” solutions. All our systems are based on many years of experience in the areas of IT , communication and automation . With our knowledge , experience and expertise, for all our customers we will find the optimal solution that best meets all their needs with optimal costs .

Codel’s team of experts will analyze your needs , current state , and will suggest the best solution for your needs .

We can also provide support in the project design , project management, implementation and maintenance of the system after commissioning .

Codel designs and manufactures unique solutions tailored to each customer according to their specific needs , which is the result of a unified approach to each user . Through consultation with our experts customers are geting the optimal solution for their needs .

CODEL solutions are integrated , automated sophisticated systems of production and distribution , which contain modules for quality control and traceability in production , and can be combined with modules for monitoring the flow of raw materials and products and WMS systems .

Based on many years of experience we are confident that we will find the right solution for the needs of your business.

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