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AIDA is unique system that integrates industrial machines, production process and data transmittion with ERP system like SAP or other.

AIDA concept is based on group of small, independent and interconnected modules that are design to manage different part of industrial procesess like communications, data transmission, system monitoring, machine control and other. Architecture based on multiple independed modules provide AIDA aplication to be easily modified and upgraded to meet costumer requirements.

AIDA aplication is designed to provide solution that is based on detailed and full process analysis which results in definnig optimal tehnical, tehnological and communication requirements integrated to provide fully functional tool.


Although AIDA was originally designed for collection, processing and forwarding of data , during the application of the actual operating conditions, in AIDA were integrated modules with different functionality , so today AIDA consists of the following modules :

AIDA-MES (AIDA Manufacture Execution Management)
AIDA-MK (Marking modul), Barcode printers and aplicators
AIDA-ID (Identification module)
AIDA-TT (Trace and Track)
AIDA-MFC (Material flow control)
AIDA-WM (Warehouse management)

AIDA-MES (Manufacture Execution Management)


AIDA MES is informatics systems for track and trace, as well as for quality management purposes, which is capable to:

Exchange data with SAP ERP (AIDA middleware, full automated data receive, process and transmit)
Exchange data and signals with automatic process equipment, to provide higher level of integration and provide ERP SCADA channels, as well as new functionality.
Server based label designing and management, label generating and printing
Manage printing on multiple channels simoultaniously, based on server program suite, and proprietery UDP LAN communication
Generate GS1 standard signatures, integrated with label designing and printing
Distribute various SSCC and other codes on the factory level
Handle multiple SCADA points based on proprietary UDP communication, to present real time information (machine and ERP data)
Provide all necessary client software and user interfaces


IDOC Manager
PRINT LAB Label designer and manager

AIDA-MK (marking module) - barcode printers and aplicators

To fulfill all customers’ requests we designed and produce program suite to handle all events connected with label marking. This suite is capable to use other printers as well, but the most effective is with Codel print module. We run the whole factory server based marking, identification and integration with ERP and process equipment. Marking system can be desinged and configured to fullfil different customers request, and perform them simultaniously. We provide solutions for marking products in:

Production marking – includes marking all relevant materials, parts and products that are involved in production proccess
Distribution marking – includes logistic marking and non homogen package marking.


AIDA-ID (Identification module)


Automatic identification and data acquisition includes different technologies to eliminate errors and save time performing automatic procedures The most common techologies used today are barcode and radio-frequncy identification, but other tecnologijes can be impemented, as well. Automatic identification is fast, simple and precize data entry method, to trace and track (products, vehicles, men force, actions and operations) Automatic identification makes possible real time data collect, displaying and process.

Identification includes:

Raw materials identification according to internal marks or standard GS1 marks (like SSCC)
Container identification in production process (RFID)
Final product identification (in production, warehousing or distribution)
Machine identification
Operater identification
Process or operations identification
Server based identification management and execution
ERP integration (SAP…)

AIDA-WM (Warehouse Management)

AIDA-WM (Warehouse Management)

Providing tools for :

Product and material marking
Easy control of storage and movement of materials within warehouse
Process transactions of materials wich includes: shipping, receiving, putaway and picking
Location management
FIFO/LIFO/FEFO product flow management
Year-end , and partial inventory
Share inforamtions with business systems: SAP or other


SAP Middleware

traceability, Trace & track

Production process and data integration

Manufacture Execution System